KOSHIRO Smart Neck Massager

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BEST Rated Smart Neck Massager

Stylish neck massager to relieve shoulder & neck pain

Do you have poor posture when working from home? Are you experiencing tension and pains in your neck and shoulders?

Target sources of muscle tightness and tension with our highly-rated and loved Koshiro Smart Neck Massager. It works by using Electrical Stimulation (E-stim) to stimulate muscle contractions to increase circulation to the affected area, leaving you feeling brand new again!

  • Designed for style and comfort, and built to last
  • Lightweight and comes in 3 beautiful colours
  • Take it everywhere with you so you can have a neck massage any time

3 massage modes & 15 intensity levels for all-round relief in a little as 15 minutes

The unique technology in the stainless steel plates provides deep tissue massage, which relaxes the muscle and soothes your neck and shoulders in a little as 15 minutes. 

Based on your needs, the Pulsating, Pressure Massage or Acupuncture modes provide regular neck care and helps relieve neck pain and chronic strain. The comfort of the massage can also be adjusted via the 15 intensity levels.

Long battery life & 15 minute Safety Shutoff feature

The smart neck massager can last up to 1 month of use on a single charge (with 15 mins of usage per day). The massager has also been designed with safety in mind where it would automatically shut off after 15 minutes. In most cases, 15 minutes of continuous use is adequate relief for most neck pain. If you require a longer massage session, you can switch on the device again.

Purpose of E-stim therapy & its benefits

The primary purpose of E-stim therapy is to simulate what happens in the body when you voluntarily contract and release a muscle many times in a row. This process strengthens and repairs tissue, particularly muscles which have become shortened or weakened.

E-stim therapy creates steady electric impulses that stimulate muscle contractions - many of them over a sustained therapy session. This repetitive contracting and relaxing of the muscle has the effect of:

  • Increasing circulation (blood flow) to the affected tissue area, which aids in repair
  • Improving strength by flexing and working weakened muscles
  • Stretching shortened tissue, improving range of motion and mobility
  • Slowing the process of muscle atrophy by strengthening weakened or unused muscles
  • Adapting muscle fibers to certain patterns of response (e.g. contracts the fibers that are responsible for force, which results in building strength)
Suitable for Professionals working from home, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home mums & dads, grandparents, gym junkies
Functionality & Features Constant temperature hot compress, 3 massage modes, 15 strength adjustments, cushioning neck protection, remote control, safety shutoff
Color White, blue or pink
Battery Lithium, USB charging
Charge time Each charge lasts ~1 month with daily 15 min massage 
Dimensions 142x138x60mm
Weight 160g
Materials Skin-friendly soft silicone rubber and stainless steel
Inclusions  1 X USB Neck Massager
1 X USB Charger
1 X Remote Control
Delivery timeframe 5-10 business days

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