MIFA X3 True Wireless Stereo Noise Canceling Earbuds

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by Mifa

MIFA X3 - True wireless earbuds for hands-free chatting, listening to music, exercising and video gaming

Beautifully designed earbuds for those on long phone calls, always on the go, gym junkies or video gamers. The MIFA X3 offers clear sound and allows you to talk or listen hands-free via Bluetooth wireless connection.

It is easy to use: auto pairing with your devices and one-touch function to switch songs, answer or reject a call. The ear-shaped cutting and gold plated design allows the earbuds to fit snugly in your ears offering long comfortable wear and is anti-rust.

Other great features include inbuilt microphone and waterproof design.

Comes with charging box with magnet contact charging via USB. Each recharge provides about 6 hours of listening. Get your MIFA X3 today!

Suitable for

Anyone who has long meetings, people on-the-go, exercise fanatics, video gamers


Earphones for mobile phones, listening to music and video gaming.

Noise canceling technology.

Bluetooth connection, microphone and waterproof design

Compatible with

iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows via Bluetooth




Charging box with USB cable
Play time: 6 hours of listening with each recharge, max of 4 x charge up via portable charging box offering 24 hours of play time equivalent to 300 songs or 10 movies.


Plastic / silicone  

Delivery timeframe

5-10 business days