KOSHIRO Shiatsu Massage Pillow

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A Convenient Way to Relieve Stress and Pain

The Koshiro Shiatsu Massage Pillow is the perfect way to relax and relieve tension in your muscles. It is ultra portable so you can carry it around with you and use it anywhere and anytime. This is the perfect home and travel massage partner!

The massager uses 4 rotating nodes that fit snuggly under your neck and against your back and shoulders. You can also use it as a foot rest to loosen those thigh and leg muscles. Simply plug in and choose one of the 3 speed settings for a relaxing massage experience.

This is a powerful deep kneading shiatsu massager with nodes that automatically changes direction every minute (clockwise & counterclockwise). You can also easily switch on the gentle heating function to deliver an extra level of comfort for aching muscles.

Have the convenience of a traditional massage in the comfort of your own home. Our massager also has built in overheating protection and it automatically shuts down after 15 minutes - if you would like a longer massage session, simply switch on the massager again.

Key benefits:

  • Soothes aching muscles and reduces fatigue
  • Improves blood circulation and re-oxygenates tense muscles
  • Loosens neck, shoulder, back, calf and thigh muscles
Suitable for Office professionals, athletes, gym junkies, etc. with tight neck, shoulder, back and thigh muscles
Dimension 33 cm x 21 cm x 18 cm
Function Deep kneading shiatsu massager with soothing heat
Material PU leather, cotton 
Delivery timeframe
5-10 business days