LITTLIES Kids Mini Smart Camera

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The Best Digital Camera for Kids

We have combined technology and toys to bring you the best and most adorable digital toy camera for kids that offers substantial educational and skill-building opportunities. Technology will play a significant role in kids' lives so it’s critical to ensure that they’re comfortable using it. One way is by introducing them to our innovative tech toys, including this popular digital camera. This kids camera is already loved and valued by little ones, and their parents, across the world as it entertains and educates.

Nurture their imagination and let them be the envy of their friends!

Kids will LOVE exploring the world with this colorful digital toy camera. Snap pictures and record memorable moments while playing with their friends. Super easy to use with the bonus of built-in games to train their brain. This is bound to keep the little ones entertained for hours while developing their imagination skills. Comes in different colors and designs to suit your little one's personality.


Suitable for Ages 3yrs & older
Functionality & Features Photos (with self-timer, automatic white balance), videos and in-built games: Snake, Tetris, Sokoban
Display 2 inch HD display, 12 megapixels, HD 1920x1080 video resolution, 4608x3456 photo resolution
Color Pink, White, Blue, Yellow
Memory 32GB max support
Battery Included
4000 photos
Charge time 2 hours
Dimensions 80x20x40mm
Weight 80g
Materials Durable plastic to protect from scratches
Inclusions 1x Lanyard, 1x Charging cable, 1x Camera case
Languages Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Russian, French and others
Delivery timeframe
5-10 business days

What parents and grandparents love about our children's digital camera...

Helps broaden little minds

It’s undeniable that digital is the future. By introducing the best digital camera for kids into your little one’s life, you’re not only broadening their mind and capabilities but you’re also giving them a head start within their learning and development. They’ll be able to comfortably navigate and understand technology while respecting its great possibilities.

This camera is great for kids, as it incorporates innovative technology in an easy-to-use design, and learning about the product and its functions is a basic skill that is transferrable to more advanced technologies. Your child will grow up being able to quickly learn and understand new technologies that are introduced to them. Kids also interact with technology in all grades at school, therefore, providing them with early access is incredibly beneficial. 

Teaches patience and photography skills

Through this children’s digital camera, your little one is taught patience as they learn and practice photography. The skill of photography alone is highly beneficial especially in the digital world that they’re entering. As a parent, educating and encouraging photography practice can help them develop core skills. From simply interacting with design and practising photography, kids can thoroughly learn about colors and contrast.

Photography also teaches children about composition and lighting while requiring them to truly focus. They can expand their storytelling skills by creating tales out of their images. Parents can also play a greater role in their education by asking them to complete challenges with their digital toy camera - such as scavenger hunts to learn about objects or taking a photo of an object starting with a specific letter.

Products like this introduce photography and opens a world of educational opportunities where kids can learn through play. The Littlies mini smart camera isn’t just beneficial for kids – parents can also learn about their children through their photography. It lets you gain insight into your little one’s mind and helps you build stronger connections with them. You are able to see what the world actually looks like through their eyes.

Allows you to learn more about your child and what fascinates them

You can learn and understand what fascinates, intrigues and excites them. By letting your young ones roam free and explore using their kid’s camera, you can observe what they are drawn to while encouraging them to focus on other details that may not catch their attention. You are able to gain a better understanding of them while also helping to open their minds further. It’s much more than a toy or piece of technology.

Lets your child capture invaluable memories so you can showcase them for their 21st birthday!

Cameras allow memories to be captured and stored for many years to come. You can easily save the photos your little one takes onto your computer and present them at their 21st birthday!

Let them record and preserve their experiences and thoughts that can later be reflected upon and cherished. The captured memories on the best digital camera for kids are priceless and something that you will be grateful for as they grow up.

Keeps your little one entertained with built-in classic games (Snake, Tetris & Sokoban)

For years, digital cameras were not the household-norm as they were costly and fragile. Today, there is an array of options for all people and budgets, including kids. Best Tech and Toys kids cameras are durable, easy to use, affordable and unique to this generation. Bringing one into your child’s life will create endless special and unique moments for the whole family.

Best Tech and Toys bring you the very best kids digital camera that provides parents and children entertainment and learning opportunities. It’s a truly unique piece of technology that is adorable, affordable and, most importantly, fun. The Littlies kids camera comes installed with a range of languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Russian and French.

Choose from a suite of colors and designs to suit every personality including pink, blue, white, yellow and orange. On a 2-inch HD display screen, kids can view their photos, videos and play built-in games such as Snake, Tetris and Sokoban. Let your little one’s imagination run wild as they go on adventures that are not only fun but also help to build valuable skills.

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