EIKO Retro Game Console 600+ Classic Games

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by Eiko

Relive your childhood memories with the EIKO Game Console 600+ games

Do you miss good old retro video games? Or want to introduce your childhood to your kids? The Eiko Retro Game Console comes with 600+ games and can be played with up to two players at a time on a TV screen, laptop or computer. Great for family entertainment and get-togethers with friends, get your Eiko Retro Game Console today and plug and play!

Suitable for

Teenagers / adults / couples who love classic retro games and the retro look!


A collection of over 600 video games. Plug and play. Comes with 2 consoles. Great for some healthy competition!  

Compatible with

Computers, laptops, most TVs

Games included

Up to 620 built-in games

Racing, tennis, Super Mario, shooting, chess, beach volleyball - just to name a few




13.3cm x 10cm x 4.5cm

Delivery timeframe

5-10 business days