KING Gesture RC Mini Drone

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by King

KING Gesture RC Mini Drone

Experience the thrill of flying a mini drone simply by moving your hand. Unlike other remote control toys, the King Gesture RC Mini Drone is controlled by a wearable and you can instruct your drone to move and change directions by simply gesturing left or right offering an immersive flying experience. Get yours today!

Suitable for

Gamers, kids, teenagers

Recommended age

6 years +


Four-propeller drone flown by simply moving your hand! Wear the remote control on your hand and by gesturing left or right, the drone will move according to your instructions.

You can ask the drone to return to its starting position with the press of one key (useful for when it has gone out of range or lost signal with the remote control)

USB cable for charging

Item Size

16.5cm x 16.5cm (when expanded)

9cm x 9cm (when folded)

Delivery timeframe

5-10 business days